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About Us

In this sound of Riverside Raagas

You’ll Find Music of your Heart

About The Tent City Varanasi

Imagine waking up to the sound of the Ganges flowing and practising meditation in the warmth of the winter sun. being surrounded by the goodness of nature in its pristine form, which feeds your senses and expands your imagination, and experiencing silences that tell volumes about inner serenity.

Invoking smiles with Evoke Experiences

Inspire Experiences, a well-known name with more than a century of expertise as an event management firm, is supporting Tent City Varanasi. The goal of Evoke Experiences is to, as the name implies, evoke experiences that become lifelong memories.

The Awaken Experiences has come a long way from starting a mega festival, reflecting young cultural identities at Rann Utsav, Statue Of Unity Tent City-1, and Monsoon Festival- Silvassa, bringing luxury and comfort with the best premium tent cities, evoking patriotic sentiments with Nadabet – Indo-Pak Border Tourism, getting hearts racing with hundreds of horses at the 100-year-old horse carnival, Chetak Festival, A resort in Nadabet – Indo-Pak Border Tourism, a resort in Shivrajpur, and a resort in Gir are on the anvil.

Awaken Experiences has developed over the years into ambassadors of exceptional destination tourism, and we continue to broaden our sights across new regions.

Varanasi a city of divine vibes.

A city of rituals. haven of rites. treat of visuals. retreat of peace.

Everybody has a different interpretation of Varanasi, which draws a large number of pilgrims from India and around the world. Varanasi, in southern Uttar Pradesh by the Ganges, is thought to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the world.

Beyond the bridge, from Assi Ghat in the south to Adi Keshava in the north, there are more than 70 bathing ghats that run alongside the river. Some ghats are calm, while others are filled with Indian pilgrims. The Ganges is said to have come down from heaven, and bathing in it is said to wash away sins and purify the soul.

Since the Buddha, Mahavira, and Shankaracharya came here to teach the Vedic teachings and the ultimate truths of life, the city has drawn pilgrims and seekers from all over India.

The city charms you with its modest homes teeming with activity, busy streets with rickshaw bells jingling all the way to the winding lanes, the well-known “Banarasi Sarees” being proudly displayed on the roadside, bicycles, taxis, motorcycle rickshaws bumbling through the way along with horse-drawn tongas, camels, and rustic pedestrians in tandem, transporting you to a completely different era. an age that is centuries old but continues to advance in time.